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Analytics Fix issue. Set up install tracking for mobile apps See how traffic that installs your app finds your marketplace page.

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This article describes Analytics SDK functionality. To learn more, read Get started with app analytics. Step 1: Enable app install tracking in your account. Step 3: Set up Custom Campaigns. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Don't lose your Ex boyfriend! This weird trick will get him back!

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Mobile App Tracking - How it Works

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An introduction to Ver 1. All rights reserved 2. Track Your App Installs 5. How Do We Track? The user navigates to the app store and installs your app. Mobile app tracking platforms provide data on user events such as repeat app launches, level completions, in-app purchases and a source of app downloads and installs. However, there always comes a question regarding attribution methodology.

The specific character of app stores excludes usage of cookies or other PC Web technologies to identify the channel which predetermined app installs. General mobile app attribution methods are:. Its main function is communicating with a server and sending data from the app which is used for attributing downloads and installs to the links customers clicked from an advertising channel. Once you make all the arrangements to track a mobile phone app , you can even take it a step further and get to the bottom of your conversion funnel measuring registrations, tracking in-app purchases, and other mobile app events.

Quality mobile tracking app solutions represent a stream of real-time data and analytics coming from your app in a form of comprehensible reports which make monitoring easier and more effective.

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Google Analytics mobile app tracking makes lives of Android apps marketers way easier as it allows to use referrer URL parameter in download links to the Play Store. This Google Install Referrer parameter is the fundamental attribution type and a free mobile tracking app for Android devices. Yet, when it comes to tracking iOS mobile apps , things become more complicated. Therefore, publishers are deprived of the possibility of tracking in-app events within Apple App Store Analytics.

Accurate matching requires a sophisticated and sustainable processing system.

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Tune, Appsflyer, Adjust, and Kochava are among the best third-party mobile tracking app platforms. Tune is one of the most popular third-party attribution platforms offering mobile tracking of app downloads and other app events. This Seattle-based company founded in has Uber, Lyft, Supercell among its clients. The platform offers unlimited impression, click, and event measurement letting publishers save and schedule reports. It also supports universal links, deep links, and deep link measurement.

However, Tune is a bit more expensive compared to other mobile app tracking platforms.

This problem is mitigated via leveraging deep linking for Facebook attribution. You should provide the name of your mobile app and its package name when logging into the Tune Marketing Console for the first time. The onboarding wizard will guide you through this process. A Implement your own measurement solution if you have one. Its implementation takes a few steps:. You should use the Integrated Partner Index to complete this step. Every measurement URL you create has an advertising identifier which specifies the user who clicked on the ad. A measurement URL for your source of advertising should be placed behind the ad.

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